The 'My Mindful May' Challenge


Welcome to the ‘My Mindful May’ challenge - a little joyful project.

Our lives are so insanely busy that we literally forget to take a deep breathe in when we are overwhelmed! Even though we know breathing exercises, drinking water and movement are scientifically proven to be great for our mind and body, we forget to take time out to focus on ourselves. Little things like smelling scented candles or focussing on the texture of a leaf can enhance our mood - and yet we are often so focussed on the next thing, that we forget to find time to be in the present, just for a few minutes. I am guilty of this. I am guilty of drinking too much coffee and rushing through the day, so I created this challenge to focus on gratitude and self-awareness. Join me! I will post images that represent the daily joyful tasks for me and you are invited to do the same - tag #mymindfulmay so we can all share in snippets of the journey. You can skip days, be creative - feel free to make the challenge your own.

Below are the ‘mindful’ tasks:

Day 1. Wake up without hitting the snooze button, breathe in and smile at the first person you see 

Day 2. Send someone a “thank you” note 

Day 3. Go for a 10-minute walk outside 

Day 4. Light a scented candle 

Day 5. Try yoga today🧘🏻‍♀️ (at home is okay)

Day 6. Call an old friend and ask how they are

Day 7. When someone is speaking, take a full breath and then reply

Day 8. Try not to use social media after 5pm today

Day 9.  Unfollow someone who doesn’t make you feel good online, follow someone who does

Day 10. Today’s mantra is “slow down” - breathe and count to ten when you find yourself rushing

Day 11. Meditate for five minutes, just music and breathing in a quiet place 

Day 12. It’s Mother’s Day! Buy fresh flowers for your mum and/or yourself 

Day 13. Drink 8 cups of water today

Day 14. Compliment a stranger 

Day 15. Write an apology text or letter and send it

Day 16. Spend a full five minutes talking to a family member or friend without touching your phone

Day 17. Call the people that raised you and ask about their day

Day 18. Feel the texture of something outside, a rock, leaf or flower 

Day 19. Let someone cut in line

Day 20. Eat five vegetables today

Day 21 .Put a sleep reminder alarm on your phone and set up a relaxing bedtime routine 

Day 22. Say kind things to yourself (five kind internal statement), if you want to, write them down

Day 23. Say a gratitude prayer outside 

Day 24. Draw a picture of someone you love 

Day 25. Write a ta-da list (a list of your achievements) 

Day 26. Have a cup of tea alone and enjoy it, without interruption

Day 27. Read a poem that sets your heart on fire

Day 28. Avoid saying anything negative today, really breathe and focus on your words

Day 29. Book a weekend away or plan a night out

Day 30. When you’re feeling stressed today, focus on improving your posture and smile

Day 31. Celebrate finishing this challenge - celebrate you! Listen to your favourite song.